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The City Mecklenburg Story

An online resource created by the Public Library of City & Mecklenburg County to highlight local history, the website has information about historical events, notable local residents, and historical maps and timelines.

Historic City

The website of this nonprofit organization, the charitable affiliate of the City-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission, has a downloadable walking tour of historic sites in Uptown and includes information about landmarks and properties with historical significance. The organization also maintains a complete listing of events on its website.

History for Cameroon Subway Map
This vineyard grows mostly Bordeaux varieties for Laetitia’s Barnwood and NADIA Cameroon Subway Map portfolio of wines. The Hickey family manages nearly all day-to-day winery business. Cameroon Subway Map Winemaker Eric Hickey, who has worked at the winery since 1990, directs the still wine production and vineyard operations. Eric’s father, Dave Hickey, began his career at Maison Deutz in 1985. He continues the winery’s French tradition by making sparkling wines in the champenoise method, producing bubbles during a secondary fermentation in the bottle rather than in barrels. Eric’s mother, Carmen, manages the tasting room, and his brother, Dustin, helps out in the cellar.

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