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Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), 871 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA (® 212-758-3223; Info on language instruction, exchanges, and a wealth of scholarships for study in Germany. The place to contact if you want to enroll in a German university; distributes applications and the valuable Aca demic Study in the Federal Republic of Germany.

German American Partnership Program (GAPP), Goethe-lnstitut Inter Nationes New York, 1014 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10028 (® 212-439-8700; gapp/index.htm). For high school students and classes interested in exchanges, home- stays, and study in Germany. GAPP subsidizes travel, housing, and food costs for qual ified groups and individuals.

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It is intact but on its side and stands 7 m high, with much of her bridge structures still intact and covered in a profusion of soft corals. Adjacent to the hull is a large debris field. Most of her navigational equipment should still be in place, probably along with the ship’s bell. To the author’s knowledge this has never been recovered but will be inscribed: Empire Wapping 1945. The wreck will certainly make an excellent a steel-hulled 196-ton British steam trawler measuring 35.1 m in length, with a 6.73-m beam and a 3.58-m draught. Hall, Russell and Co. of Aberdeen built and completed as Yard No. 501 in November 1911; she was launched on 8 November 1911 for W. F. Dawson, Aberdeen and registered as A.418. The single steel screw was powered by a 78-rhp three-cylinder triple expansion steam engine that used one single-ended boiler. The cylinders measured 30.48 cm, 50.8 cm and 86.36 cm with an 86.36-cm stroke (12 in. , 20 in. and 34 in. with a 34-in. stroke). Hall, Russell and Co. manufactured the machinery. She had one deck. The designated code recognition signal letters were: GPGM. In July 1915, the Isabella Fowlie was requisitioned and converted to Admiralty Minesweeper No. 473; she was then armed with one 12-pounder gun and one six-pounder AA gun.

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