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I was glad I was wearing a skirt, not jeans China map mountains . The Turki women wear a knee-length tunic over baggy trousers. Being Moslems, China map mountains their arms and heads are covered. They asked me why my head wasn’t covered so I explained that I’m not Moslem. What surprised me was that I never saw them stop to say their prayers in the prescribed Moslem fashion. In the evening we stopped at 8 p.

Brad began encouraging any child spirit to move the rocking horse. His final remarks, “Let us know if there is any type of sign you can give us, something unmistakable? If you can show yourself to us or one of our camera setups, make this little horse move, speak to us. We’d like to see you.”

All eyes remained fixed on the little rocking horse. EMF and temperature readings remained steady. With everything unchanged and no unusual sounds being heard, Brad decided to end the session.

The night’s investigation was over. It ran seamlessly thanks to the organized and efficient Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society. Working with Tim, Brad and their group of experienced investigators was a pleasure. They are a professional and committed team looking for the paranormal truth. We look forward to working with them in the future.

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