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Grandmas are located in the plateau is the most famous Lake of the island tea from Mauricio’s belongs to the top category, it’s grown on the territory of the central plateau the most famous tease of the world originated from India, and China where cultivation, and breeding of this plant were first done as a majority inhabitants of Moritz user Hindus, and a smaller proportion as Chinese we can understand where they treat the Gua sherry tea plantation with such meticulous care a road bordered by Royal Palms.

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Leads to the plantation situated in brilliant natural environments the tea plants are placed in long snake-like rows which are terrorists even today the gathering of the leaves the harvest is done in the traditional method the leaves can be collected only in early morning, and only by hand always only the top of the leaves can be plucked the tea collection requires great expertise, and careful work just like the processing the leaves are delivered in sacks to the processing Factory, and there they’re sent to the drying room on a carrying line there the tea is poured on gratings, and wilted with huge ventilators the leaf stops fibers.

And possible pollutants are removed by a filtering method, and then adhering to strict hygienic rules the leaves are fermented a part of put into circulation without being flavored however on foreign markets flavored types are more popular there are types flavored with lemon orange cocoa cinnamon wild fruits exotic fruits, and bergamot the most popular among the locals is a vanilla flavored one she can be packed in bags of grams with more produced or the filter kind which for some extra charge is also sold with a package with aroma seal on the brush should replantation the different kinds also have names.

So we can find T’s called blue penny Coursera’s or poly Virginie the Pleasant tea house has been established on top of the hill from where not only the plantation can be seen but also the whole island, and here visitors can taste the various kinds before purchasing any of them of course tea cakes are also offered with the tea, and we can also choose from the types of sugar of Mary Sue’s in the small factory Museum we can see many interesting things from the model of clippers carrying t unused old machines.

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