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I’m Alexander from Costa Rica. I live in an area in the central highlands and I am a trip leader for overseas adventure travel well.

I grew up in the countryside, and the farm that. I lived in it was coffee farm. So there was a few animals but was local coffee plantations around.

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I plane the coffee feel like played in the cloud forest tropical dry forests a rainforest they play with the other animals. I played with insects not a lot of people around so I grew up mostly with older people.

So not a lot of children my age at the time. I I think Costa Rica has to Costa Rica’s the city Costa Rica which is located in the central highlands, and then you also have the countryside Costa Rica the countryside Costa Rica is more attached to their past has more. I would say values, and customs or traditions when.

I was a child for example we were there world country now we’re considered a developing country it has changed a lot in the sense that we have less plantations or depend less for example in exportations of coffee bananas etc now we’re a country that has a broad economy we have technology in our country. This is a computer lab for the kids they come from pre-kindergarten next to it out all the way up through sixth grade we make a lot of software hardware dinner in our country medical equipment. So if you come to Costa Rica you will see that is not only nature not only pineapple in monkey that we have down there we have a mod of technology, and a lot of different things going on in our country.

I hope to see you in Costa Rica come, and enjoy the beautiful rainforest in the beautiful people.

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