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This is Maddie. She needs to wear contacts, wears an amber ring, and will rarely wear shoes. One day, she thinks she’ll change the world with an original art house post. Keep dreaming, champion. This is Steve. He has a beard, wears a wooden read, and definitely always wears shoes. One day, he thinks he’ll be a famous rock star. All he needs now is the talent. Steve is a cameraman for a national kids’ TV show. He gets to shoot all kinds of animals, sports, and people every day. And Maddie works behind the desk for the same show. She gets to deal with all my paperwork. We’re both aspiring postmakers and travelers.

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And we’re gonna show you our city of Brisbane, Australia. Now, we could show you all the top tourists attractions. Like riding a CityCat along the beautiful Brisbane River. Riding the Brisbane Eye. Swimming in the South Bank Lagoon. Reading the sun set over Brisbane from the top of Mount Coot-tha. Fancy a wedding?

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But we’re gonna not do that. We’re gonna do something else. That was my line. Oh, was it? Go again. Okay. But we aren’t gonna do that. We wanna show you something different. Neither of us are originally from Brisbane, but we’re proud to call this place home. So we wanna show you how we see Brisbane.

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Does that make sense? We’re gonna show you how we see Brisbane. We’re gonna show you Brisbane how a tourist wouldn’t usually see it. We’re gonna show you Brisbane how we see Brisbane. Brisbane is a pretty happening city. There’s always a good deal and cool spot for a night out seven days a week. The Brisbane music scene is thriving. There are heaps of local venues to check out your favorite acts and find the sound you’re looking for. When it comes to eating out in Brisbane, there’s a lot to choose from. My personal favorite is the $4 breakfast at Ric’s.

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For a relaxed lunch, The Three Monkeys has a great atmosphere. They have massive bowls of chai and delicious food. Instead of hitting up the maze of shopping vendors, the markets have a lot on offer. You never know what you’ll find. I’m not saying we’re the most experienced travelers going around, but we’ve both clocked up a few hours in our time. However, there are always new countries, cities, and cultures we wanna explore. Remember these faces. We’ll be the team that gives you the heart and soul of a city and show you the details the average tourist would usually overlook.

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