Great Barrier Reef Heli Tour You Need To Do This

Hey everybody we about to take off probably something that’s at the literally the top of our Australian bucket list at the moment we’re currently at the airport if that gives you a little bit of a hint about what we’re about to do all righty this would be an incredible morning we’ve just come onto the Great Barrier Reef, and we’ve just found a little Sankei, and we like why don’t we just have a bit of a land is this smallest little island if you can follow that, and I’ve ever landed on oh my goodness that was an incredible time flying over the green island was amazing this is literally the best helicopter ride I’ve ever done, and we’re halfway through this is literally paradise right yeah we have a little breakfast we’ll champagne to start the day yeah can you just this is the best way to end 2018 okay can she do it to 2018 Cena’s route here at the Great Barrier Reef I think we should go see it don’t you think guys, I’m always feeling like I need a propose suggest a second time.

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Because this would be the most romantic place of both literally on our own little secluded beach enjoy it enjoy it this is one of the most incredible, and beautiful things we’ve ever done, I’m not kidding you if you come to Kansas this is the number one thing to do, and if you come to Cannes you have to give these guys a call they’ve treated us. So nicely check them out oh just what I wanted um really my guard all righty back in cans Happy New Year’s Eve everyone it’s the last day of the year, and we’ve decided to come down to the cancerous plant. Because that’s where the fireworks are gonna be, and we’ve like had to park a good decent walk away. Because it is super busy even though this town is quite small we got the squad, and we’re thinking we’re gonna have our very last pizza of the year.

Because then it’s full-blown wedding diet hitting the gym tomorrow. So we’re gonna treat ourselves how does that sound how many times have we promised that by the way I thought you were giving up this last one of the year all right pop it last time here’s my Christmas pop off here we go this is the second time you’ve said it you’re liar zip zip zip I missed that sound I just love the that there’s all these bats flying above us right now we we’ve come down to the foreshore the little Esplanade smell of Aussie barbecues gone everyone’s in the little pool here this is a pretty unique New Year’s Eve can’t say that I have watched fireworks from a pool on the beach before this is where the fireworks will be happening just here philosophy – before the wedding happy new years everyone have you knew you guys that was such an awesome way to ending here we’re now running back to my car before everyone else decides to leave as well. But Happy New Year happy new year everyone I hope you had an awesome 2018, and I want to know what you did for New Year’s Eve, and I hope you guys have an amazing 2018 murder.

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