Colleen Webster Trip Leader To South Africa

Hi my name is Colleen Webster.

I’m a program director for Grand Circle travel on the highlights of South Africa trip and I’m from niceness South Africa growing up in South Africa was very different to the children growing up today. I was born bred in their part eight years it has been many social, and cultural changes, and political changes in South Africa over the last years we have become a democratic country, and it’s been a wonderful experience for everybody, and it is much improved to when I was growing up as a child we have such a unique country we are such a diverse nation we are a multicultural country, and we have the most beautiful scenery, and the most beautiful people depending on which part of the country you’re in differs in cuisine from the northern part where we have a very large African population which they eat a lot of pretty purple which is eaten with cooked meats, and vegetables, and then you move down into the Western Cape area where we have very much a Cape Malay traditional food which would be pickled fish Boober Qi ku sisters.

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I’m a. I’m a big fisherman. I love fishing, and we just have the perfect waters for it whether it be cold Atlantic waters or warm Indian Ocean waters depending on what type of fishing you like doing.

I love it there’s nothing not to love about South Africa we are extremely warm people here, and we have a beautiful country to show our fellow travelers I’d like to welcome you to South Africa and I would like you to share with me my country you.

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