Visit the City of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania

Blazing sunsets vast landscapes spectacular waterfalls, and raging rivers above all stunning wildlife Africa is a photographer’s paradise join me Robin Taylor as we track new footprints in this fascinating continent.

Visit the City of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania Photo Gallery

I’m not really a city person but Doris alarm sounds interesting somewhat mysterious it wasn’t our final destination in Tanzania merely a stopover on our way to the saloon Africa’s largest, and possibly least explored wildlife sanctuary first impressions are of a fascinating city. So while we here we’ll make the most of it, and see what we can Muhammad of Turkey Tanzania is our host, and guide to this fusion of African, and Arabic cultures it might be nice to see that from the side the woodcarvers of wangi are justify MMus their workers all over the world whether this cheers from they’ve got to me from the barricade or belligerence else’s they are allowed to cut a certain number. So they just can’t just go, and turn it down they have a permit the permit is to be given both to you, it’s nice to know that the government is actually controlling logging you have your trees these are controllable as you can see they are still working in the traditional way with traditional tools.

I really love this art form it portrays the city, and the country, it’s called Tinga Tinga after the artists who first created it he died in but his legacy lives on through his students who started this vibrant tingitana school the eating is an important part of traveling and I found the crew at the buzzy chefs pride dar is a real melting pot of cultures, it’s also a melting pot of cuisines with strong middle-east influences from the Arabs who plundered traded, and finally settled this coast in the th century the food here. I can’t quite place its origin but, it’s very tasty, and slightly spicy big issue is it not the streets are packed people cars buses, and bicycles zillions of bikes everybody seems to own one this rather insignificant statue in the middle of the city commemorates the Ascari’s who led the Allies our merry dance in World War one the well kept Lutheran church stand is another reminder of the country’s colonial past the city has many picturesque boulevards, and buildings but commerce is what, it’s really all about you can buy almost anything on the side of the road here who needs supermarkets when you can shop til you drop in the open air with great bargains to beoh babes are surely the most spectacular of trees but this one just look at that position on the beach at Oyster Bay wherever you are you’ve got to have a local ours is called auntie’s dar is hot, and humid certain vital to keep the liquid intake up the local beer is great. So, it’s not that difficult does it follow Rick – actually brah.

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