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Malaga is home to wonderful beaches, beautiful coutryside and majestic mountains. It is also home to vibrant green spaces and parks. One of the most important ones is the Botanical and Historical Garden of La Concepción, a floral jewel of Malaga. We find ourselves here in the wonderful botanic garden of La Concepción with Luis Medina. He is the general director of the garden, and also the general director of the environmental department of Malaga. Thank you for receiving us. -Thank you for visiting us Tania. You’re welcome, it’s a pleasure. We would like to ask you, what is the most remarkable thing that you can tell us about this wonderful garden? La Concepción is the best subtropical garden in Europe the climate in Malaga allows for many botanical species to grow in open air.

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That cannot be achieved in other parts of Europe. We also have the best collection of palm trees, growing in open air, with different species. We also have a very remarkable thing, which is the best collection of insectivorous plants in Spain. This space has the particularity that it was the actual property of a family in Malaga, the Loring-Heredia family. They were part of the elite, at the times of the industrial revolution in Malaga in the mid th century. We have their palace here, that can be seen from the outside and we can also visit the patio. So we have for over years this space has been part of the history of Malaga and its people. Now it belongs to the city of Malaga, so it’s open to the public. This summer, every Wednesday, we have the possibility of visiting the garden at night.

We have illuminated the historical garden, which makes it a very special location even if you have visited the garden many times during the day. You’ll find something completely new. And within these night visits, we have a very special moment where we visit the house’s library where an actress playing the Marchioness of Casa Loring, Amalia Heredia during minutes she tells visitors about herself, her life, how it was to buy this property how it was to build this garden and how her life was in general. So I would recommend that anybody that is visiting Malaga comes to see, at least one day the garden of La Concepción, because it is definitely worth seeing. Here you will find the most emblematic wisteria, vine from China. It welcomes spring with a blooming extravaganza of beauty. The nymph of the fountain is considered the soul of the botanical garden because a legend says that she was its protector in difficult times to maintain it. A visit to the garden is an unforgettable experience. We feel that we have been transported into a tropical jungle, just minutes away from downtown Malaga. We invite you to explore the many secret gardens of Malaga, like the one in La Concepción and oases at the foot of the mountains, where you can encounter a beautiful, tropical atmosphere in Malaga’s garden culture.

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