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Our most recent trip to misty foods Resort in cool during monsoon was a journey they’d been looking forward to making for a while the trip took two days, and was one of the most memorable of her lives the resort is around 255 kilometers from Bangalore we chose to drive our own car there, and set out at 6:30 in the morning the first half of the drivers on the highway while the other half went to the hills to say the drivers scenic is an understatement there is nothing. But incredible beauty all the way nothing I say will convey the beauty of misty words. But, I’ll make a feeble attempt anyway the resort grounds are spacious peaceful, and refreshing lush greenery abounds everywhere that I can see. So you get this feel of an exotic tropical rainforest mystic woods is a farm resort as evidenced by the coffee, and pineapple plantations around it. Because it’s wild earnest all-round expect to be greeted by the sweet cacophony of birds, and insects we checked in at around 1:00 p.m. by a very cordial staff, and were shown to our room we had booked one of the vernacular cottages a simple spacious independent structure with a porch facing even more lush greenery a bath took off the dust, and weariness of travel, and we then headed towards the dining area to have our lunch the dining space reflected the same theme as the rest of the resort spacious beautiful, and clean there were plenty of wonderful dishes to choose from after lunch we wanted to round the property for a while clicking pictures, and admiring the beauty at around.

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We decided to check out the waterfall that is within 300 meters of the resort again mist profound greenery a narrow trail leads to the waterfall, and there are a number of orange, and mango trees on the way they caught sight of a number of leeches snails, and other insects as well check out one of my better close-ups of a gorgeous nail here since the waterfall is within the confines of the resort there was no one else when he got there which is just how we liked it there were no sounds of civilization the sound of the gushing waterfall combined with the insects, and birds of the forest was mind-blowing we stayed for two hours it was easy to imagine being there forever a phony light was fading. So after clicking a few last photos we made our way back to the resort at around 7 p.m. where tea, and snacks were followed soon after by dinner we woke up early the next morning took a quick bath watched the Sun Rise had some tea, and then made our way back to the waterfall once again it was just the two of us, and it was so so easy to lose ourselves in the ambience, and each other we spent a little less than two hours there, and then returned to our room to pack up we checked out at 11 a.m. and were on the road soon after both javi, and I are unanimous in our own verdict mr. Voltz was simply awesome, and we’d head back there at the first hint of a free weekend spoke you guys enjoyed reading the post don’t forget to comment the blog for more posts thanks for reading.

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