When You Should Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit

With summer around the corner, you and your family are preparing for another season of warm, beautiful weather. You may be planning a vacation or opening your pool to create new family memories. When it comes to providing your family with fresh air during the warm months, check on your air conditioning unit as early as possible in case of repair – or replacement.

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How do you know when repairs are necessary and when you need a replacement? First, be sure to assess the efficiency of your current air conditioning system. Check out the age of your AC unit and the model – this will help you understand how much energy your unit is using. If you find that your AC unit is using more power than it should, you may consider replacing it with an energy-efficient model.

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Inspect the ductwork of your home AC unit. For an average home, between 10 and 30 percent of air is lost through the air before it reaches your home at all, which is incredibly wasteful. Run a duct-leakage test, most often done by an HVAC expert, which seals the vents and measures how much air is escaping. It could result in vent replacement, mechanical improvements or merely locating and sealing the gaps from which the air escapes.

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You may consider whether your home is adequately insulated. Especially for an aging AC unit, a poorly insulated house puts a significant strain on your unit as well as your utility bill. Request an estimate that brings to light the flaws in your home that are causing air leakage. These simple repairs ensure that even a years-old AC unit will work for a few more. You may find that you need to fix your AC if you live in Greenville Texas area, but you may find yourself needing to upgrade to a smaller system.

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When you do have to purchase a new system, make sure that it is sized correctly by an expert that you can trust. When it comes to home comfort and air conditioning unit repair, always call a professional for an estimate and high-quality repair and installation. Using someone that you can trust means not dealing with the typical problem among AC units: improperly sized. The size of your unit should depend on your needs as well as the size of your home.

When it comes to home repair, never trust less than a trusted expert.

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