Boo would you look at that is Friday morning 5:45 a.m. March the 4th 2018 down at the beach doing the morning surf report jumped in the water this morning I had a nice surf I was the only one out there. Because I woke up again today at 5:30 jumped out there maybe like 45 minutes call some waves today we’re doing something a little bit different we’re gonna venture inland today, and we’re doing something that jessica has been wanting to do since we got here. Because this is more or less sort of a surf trip, and Jessica doesn’t surf. So today we’re doing something for her lots of birds today, I’m waiting for Jess now she’s getting changed, and we’re getting picked up out in front of the surf in in a few minutes all set, I’ll ride awaits one you guys.


So we’re at the ocean Ranch Park, and today we’re doing some ziplining or you’d say for this I get excited never done anything like this before, I’m a little bit nervous you can’t be nervous. But this is your element this is the woods yeah. But I never zip-lined, I’m kind of afraid of a kite I gave it to my dad. So a little bit nervous. But, I’m excited, I’m too, and right now we’re hiking up into the mountains I just saw a horse if you guys can see this cable right here we’re gonna zipline down that cable all the way up there takes one minute to get down sar terrifying it’s alright you do yoga yeah you can do yoga here yeah from there. So here upside down if you want we will do the break for you. So you’re never gonna hit the truth I got for the jungle, and you’ll hear this year I give you the money back okay listen to how loud the cicadas are that is wild yes enormous down here oh yeah Huey the cicada no I just I don’t fly.

So close oh yeah. So we’ve been thinking we’re gonna move down here we’re going to get a nice treehouse like that live up in the trees in Costa Rica we just had our safety lesson with the harnesses, and everything we’re going to be rappelling down a waterfall, and then ziplining we’re just getting to the waterfall now this is the waterfall we’re going down. But it’s the dry season. So it’s flowing. But nothing crazy. So that’s what it looks like during the rainy season, and this is what it looks like now a little less water oh just a little a little bit. So what did you think of that so much fun that was fun even though the waterfall wasn’t that bad where that one little dip was I stopped, and I dunked my head, and it’s so hot in the jungle I felt no arms, and in this pool know the first part yeah I saw that it’s so deep – I stepped in it, and then I slid right in, and went up like above my knees no.

So refreshing though it was great. So refreshing deal deal oh there we go we go look at it like it’s a man that’s so funny my gosh coaching clicks just hold the camera okay Oh Jess is stuck okay we need to do now no more ziplining for Jess yeah you’re this law blog your inner let it go oh we just did four zip line we’re welcome to another one this one’s a lot higher than the other one how far do you say this one is my quarter-mile 360 feet high how fast you think we’re gonna go everyone here she goes what do you think about that the coast is to get the flying huh that was amazing what – it’s just like insane. Because it’s such a long freefall those you that’s not a statistic the best job in the world right here ziplining, and waterfall rappelling yeah oh yeah it’s a lunchtime it’s a lunchtime in Costa Rica sort of about the girl at a stroke all right. So we left the zipline rainforest, and we’re now at a new beach a few miles south where we’re staying, and check this out it’s actually starting to rain this is the first time it’s rained since we’ve been down Costa Rica some thunderstorms are rolling in. But we’re checking out this surf break, and Jessica’s about to get a coconut you excited your first coconut in Costa Rica oh look at that fresh coconut mm-hmm. So no way No Oh muy bueno coconut time no way makes it look. So easy fresh coconuts right from the tree, and that’s high too that’s at least 20 feet up they’re getting up up take the easy part going back down whoa, I’ll let it go it’s actually not that hard I mean it’s hard.

But when you get it very high sorry that guy over there is trying to tell me I have to climb all the way up to the top to bring some coconuts down that’s a workout right there climbing the coconut tree time to head back to Jaco to the surfin, and just like that another sunset at playa hermosa I swear the sunsets here though hey I can’t get over how beautiful this place is especially at this hour like look at that there’s just that streak of light hanging on there it’s amazing meanwhile jessica is looking on the beach for her flip-flops she ran down here, and she swore that she was wearing her flip-flops. But now she can’t find them. So she has her cell phone with delight we might have to wait until daybreak the problems in paradise losing your flip-flops I was thinking I haven’t really posted any food since we’ve been here you know I posted breakfast. But I haven’t posted in ER. So we’re about to get some dinner I have traditional Costa Rican a delicacy right here are you ready Pizza a nice pizza we’re still be from today after the ziplining, and hiking, and rappelling I come bearing gifts for you this what Jessica needs after a long day of rappelling what’s that oh it’s a basil oh do it yourself look at that welcome one for each of us square pizza I got fried today my face oh my shoulders today took a lot out of us to hike through the rainforest was no joke at the time when we were doing it was like oh okay this is easy. But then it’s like we were climbing he had I feel my calves right now day five in Costa Rica ends with Jessica falling asleep in bed. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worried less, and live your passion if you guys like the ziplining through the jungle give the post a thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and we will see you tomorrow we’re waking up early, and go for a little walk down the beach to the big rock never been done there gonna have one.

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