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I began this ride on the beaches of San Diego by quoting Helen Keller. Well, I’ve been on countless daring adventures but none quite like this. My life needed a recharge and a little bike therapy was in order. Yee-haw! It felt incredibly freeing to move my body and mind all day long. I’d never felt so alive. It’s a beautiful day! Traveling at 15 miles an hour is the perfect speed to really feel the world and appreciate all of mother nature’s magic. But you know, it wasn’t the spectacular scenery that I’ll remember most about this trip. It’s the amazing people I met all across this great country.

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I was so lucky to have reconnected with old friends and was blown away with how quickly I became close with total strangers. As I pedaled from big city to small town and everything in between, I asked everyone I met a very simple question.

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What do you love most about life? Their answers were simple, heartfelt and inspiring. So Ricky, tell me what you love most about life. I like the outdoors. I like everything man.

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I like breathing, how about that? Just being alive. Being on this bountiful planet that has so much beauty. Waking up with my wife in my arms in the day and the fat neck on the back of my son and kissing it, that’s what I love. So Andy, what do you love most about life, buddy? That will be my dad, I can say. Your dad? Oh, I love life, myself. I’m 76 years old. I don’t know, I just love this little town. There’s not many people can you tell you that but I do.

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We have good people, we have bad people but we get along with everybody. Every single day, with each stroke of my pedals, I thought about all the people I love and how lucky I am to have them in my life. And I thought about all the people I haven’t even yet met and will someday love. My legs might be a little stronger after all this but it’s my heart that has grown the most on this journey. It’s a beautiful day! .

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