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This post we’re going back in time. We’re taking a stroll through one of New Orleans’ most historic areas. The Garden District in New Orleans is where the Americans moved to because they thought the French Quarter, where the French lived, was cramped and crowded, and they wanted to have big houses with big gardens. The area boasts some of the best preserved homes from that period. Now this house was built before civil war breaks out. This is the House of Broel.

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They make wedding dresses and they have a doll museum. This house is said to be the oldest house in the Garden District, as complete with its white picket fence. It’s a little hard to put the architecture into just one frame. You have the beautiful cast iron lace that comes in later and people started trading out their wooden columns for cast iron columns. This is the house, at 2707 Prytania Street where they posted the movie “Benjamin Button” with Brad Pitt.

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The largest house in the Garden District. It’s seven and a half thousand square feet. Right now I’m at Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. It’s very unusual to see the tombs above ground and there are actually many people buried in one tomb. Very different compared to most cemeteries. This is the home at 2627 of Sandra Bullock. We just got to see the home of Anne Rice where she used to live. The vampire novels and where she got her inspiration. A lot of these houses would have been painted multi-colored like this and they just did the research and made the choice to go back in and paint it in traditional colors. If big houses and antebellum history are your thing, you can not miss the Garden District.

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New Orleans Steamboat Natchez Evening Cruise

Tonight in New Orleans we’re taking a Steamboat River Cruise down the Mississippi. We’re having dinner on the Steamboat Natchez, the last authentic steamboat left in New Orleans. We also have live entertainment by the Dukes Of Dixieland. They’re our Grammy nominated house jazz band, one of the oldest, continuous performing jazz bands in the United States. Alright, the paddles are moving, it’s time to head down the river. Salute! Salute! Whoo! Wow! You can choose to just ride the steamboat or you can also have dinner. Paddlewheel Pork Loin!

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Thank you, dear. Thank you so much. Umm, a nice honey mustard sauce. Time to eat. There’s just something about enjoying a delicious dinner as you float down the Mississippi. Umm! The engine on the Natchez actually dates back to 1929. It’s still in its same original condition and one of the interesting things on the boat is that the guests can come on anytime during the cruise and come and take a tour. It is hot in here! This night has been right out of a storybook. I’m on a steamboat, I’ve had some delicious dinner, enjoyed some authentic jazz music, and now I get to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the Mississippi River. It is good to be alive! .

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