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One of the questions I am asked the most is actually went to visit Mallorca. Well this depends on a lot of things like the weather, what you’d like out of your holiday and what your budget is. In this post we gonna break it down very easily and we are gonna figure out when is the right time for you to come visit Majorca. If you’ve already booked this is also your time to check what to expect. March, April and May are grate months for anyone who would like to come on an early summer holiday or simply would like to escape the bad weather in their own country. Yes the temperature is going to be nice, it is going to be around 15 degrees and there might still be some rain. But do know then that all the excursions are listed at a much lower price. So if you do have a rainy day, you can still have a great day out. Will the pool and the sea be ready for swimming? Well most of the time no even though towards April it might get a lot better. June, July and August are the best months for anyone who would like to come on a real summer holiday.

Mallorca Weather August

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Who would like to get their fry on and spend the days, all day lounging on the beach or next to the pool. The water will be great for swimming and in some cases it might be even the same temperature as outside of it . There will be also almost no rainy days, not a drop during the entire three months. It will make it extremely hot. Also know that in August there is a lot to do. August is bubbling with activity there is festivities, festivals and markets pretty much in every town. Accommodation and excursions will be more pricey than in the offseason. If you’re looking for a great month, I would advise you to go in july because it will not be so extremely hot and July in general is also a great month price/quality. So if you wanna pick the best month to visit Majorca, July would be absolutely it. September and October are the best months for anyone traveling on a budget.

Mallorca Weather Averages

Yes the temperatures will still be nice and the general prices of accommodations will have gone down. Do know there can be a little bit more rain but in general the pool and sea water both maintain there temperatures during this period which makes it very nice. Also if you have a little bit more rain like I said before the prices on excursions will have gone down, so you can have still a great day out. The best moment would be September because the temperatures are better and there will be less rain. Also towards the ending of October a lot of the hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and excursions will already start to close down.

Mallorca Weather April 2017

All of the other month are basically only popular with hikers, bikers or pensioners. The weather can be good or bad but in general it is just a lottery. Most of the bars, clubs, and restaurants, even hotels and excursions will have closed down. For those who would like to see the specific numbers per month.

Mallorca Weather Alcudia

Here they come.. Temperature in Mallorca Rainfall in Mallorca Sunshine in Mallorca Please let me know down in the comments when you’re gonna visit Majorca or when you have visited Majorca in the past and what was your specific reason for picking that month. Was it weather, was a budget or was it another reason? Please let me know so I can make the next post’s even better. Please check out the rest of my on Mallorca so you can have an even better holiday. To find all these posts as easy as possible, please just click the comment button.

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