Cappadocia – Turkey

For four thousand years these dramatic volcanic formations have housed hand dug tunnels, and chambers underground networks store food shelter animals they’ve been churches monasteries, and natural fortresses in the th, and th centuries the Byzantine army used the tallest of these formations like the vicious our castle as an early warning system with fire, and mirrors messages were sent from high top to high top as far as Istanbul we’re climbing the hill we’re going to look at the fairy chimneys when we get to the other side they understand, it’s a really nice development of the mare early Christians found refuge in this area of Gouri the tunnels to the underground structures could be completely sealed up by huge stones, it’s very unusual, it’s a unique in all the world.

Cappadocia – Turkey Photo Gallery

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I have seen volcanic island for but very different from this the rocks themselves are impressive but the interaction in humans, and How those spaces were used for worship, and study, and gathering, and building community, it’s a fascinating story all together in the foreground in the valley beneath us there is already several fairy chimney formations came into being those single standing formations are called s we are going to explore some caves here we are going to learn about the early Christianity inside the Church of Saint Barbara the early Christian monks do a depiction of Christ on the throne as well as lines on the rocks to give the impression that cut stones were used in the construction Kevin no shit.

I mean there’s nothing like that anywhere in the world. I’ve been that, it’s just, it’s just a stunning place this traditional flatbread is called Marco it is baked for two to three minutes on a domed or convex metal griddle known as a massage.

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