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The traditional golf paradigm – living in an non-descript neighborhood and pursuing the game at local private or public courses – is still most common, especially in the nation’s northern tier. But across the Sun Belt, from the coastal Carolinas and Florida to Southern California, as well as up the Pacific Coast and even into the western mountains, master-planned golf communities are more prevalent. These communities draw not just locals, but also passionate golfers from elsewhere in search of second homes and places to retire.

The first wave of golf communities were developed in the late-1970s and early-1980s. During the past two decades, over 2,500 golf communities have been developed throughout the United States.

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When developers were putting up the first golf communities in Florida and the Carolinas, the best buyers might hope for was cookie-cutter fairways squeezed between bland condos. But since the early 1990s, communities have been offering a myriad of amenities along with a sense of endless vacation. In addition to ever higher-quality golf, some communities even dole out perks such as concierge service and access to private jets. Others hire full-time master chefs and nature guides. Spas, horseback riding, hiking-trail networks, marinas, and planned activities for both kids and adults are common.

According to the NGF, the states with the most golf communities are as follows:

• Florida

• California

• Texas

• North Carolina

• Arizona

• South Carolina

• Georgia

• Michigan

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