Giuseppe Lenzo Trip Leader To Sicily

Hey my name is Giuseppe. I come from Fredo in catania area and I am a trip leader or obviously the venture travelers these ancient landscapes, and timeless traditions. I grew up in a little village in Catania area where we mostly dedicate ourselves agriculture added to the fishing my grandpa left my family little piece of land where there are plenty of olive trees.

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So we still like that tradition, and every year we gather in usually mid-november or early November to collect olive olives, and make olive oil ourselves we are nylon. We’ve been invaded by. So many diverse cultures that we have plenty of contradictions, and different perspectives on. How we perceive the reality as you know we have freaks for months Byzantines the Spanish Arabs, and we still have this into our cuisine, and that’s what my mum makes that’s what my family decima makes food as most months in Sicily they have total different connotation, and different origins desserts will have the caponata, and what’s interesting is that you don’t have only one cap another season is diverse in itself diverse internally too.

So what my mom makes is not what somebody else makes so I can give you my personal recipe. I can give you the Sicilian recipe.

Because every family has his own tradition Cecil is everything, and much more please join me to break the veil, and experience it ciao you.

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