Fuzhou Subway Map

The crop season was becoming more advanced as we went south Fuzhou Subway Map ; we left behind the flooded greens and watched the rice growing heavy with grain. On Fuzhou Subway Map mountain promontories I noticed a couple of ruined castles, and later in sandy loess cliffs I caught sight of many man-made caves which were people’s dwellings, some with front doors.

Several of the people wandering through the carriage stopped to say hello to me. One brought his English language book and he wanted me to give him an English lesson. So I let him read aloud while I corrected wrong pronunciations and explained the difficult words. The stories in his book were taken from Chinese everyday life woven with propaganda, one story being about a shop assistant who says, My work may sound boring, but I’m proud to be doing my bit to help with the four modernisations of the Party.

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