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Unless there has been a recent heavy rainfall, these shallows can usually be crossed without getting too wet.

Three miles into the hike the trail forks and the hiker can choose between the left fork that returns directly to the trailhead in just under one mile, and the right fork with a longer hike of another 1.8 miles.



0.0 Take the trail that ascends the right side of Mission Creek. In about 460 feet, pass a trail descending to the left.

1.4 Pass a trail coming in sharply from the right; continue straight ahead.

1.5 Intersection with the Willard Munger State Trail; turn left.

1.7 Bear left just before reaching the overpass on the Willard Munger State Trail (46° 411 25.2″ N 92° 16′ 41,3″W). This trail ascends to Seven Bridges Road in about 250 feet; turn left and follow the road as it descends along Mission Creek.

2.2 Continue straight ahead, passing a trail to the left.

2.3 Come to the first bridge crossing Mission Creek.

2.5 A second bridge crossing Mission Creek.

2.7 Creek crossing with no bridge; after crossing the creek come to another crossing, also without a bridge, in about 190 feet. After this second crossing come to a third bridge over Mission Creek in about 100 feet.

3.0 Trail intersection. The left fork continues along Mission Creek and leads back to the trailhead in 0.9 mile. The right fork leads away from Mission Creek and returns to the trailhead in another 2.0 miles.

History of Orlando: 1756 The Seven Years’ War, the contest between Britain Orlando Metro Map and France for North Country that is known as the French and Indian War in the colonies, Orlando Metro Map begins in earnest. Rhode Island raises the appointed number of men, but they do not see much combat in the first phases of the conflict. They participate in a failed attack on Fort Ticonderoga and help protect New York’s frontier; they also take part in the campaign that sees Cuba fall into British hands. After the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Rhode Island finds itself deeply in debt, racked with internal dissension, and facing a reduced role in the Atlantic world. 1758 Publication of the Mercury, a newspaper, begins in Newport. The pages contain news and advertisements, as well as social announcements, indicating the Newport gentry’s growing prosperity and taste for refinement in the years before the War for Independence. Providence’s newspaper opens for business in 1762. 1760s Rhode Island is the site of a bitter internal conflict between Samuel Ward and Stephen Hopkins, each of whom serves as governor on and off through the late 1750s and 1760s. Each spearheads a political party; Hopkins’s is most powerful in Providence and the northern towns, while Ward generally wins elections in the southern towns. The two square off on matters of taxation, currency, and patronage. Interestingly, both Ward and Hopkins journey to Philadelphia for the First Continental Congress.

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