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793 Main St. 828/295-3272, www.azalea- garden-inn. com

Azalea Garden Inn lives up to its name with over an acre of manicured gardens. Innkeepers Hank and Jimmie Knoll know the gardens are special and have gone to great lengths to help guests take advantage of the setting by creating a walking path that runs through the garden and placing benches and tables among the kaleidoscope of colorful blooms. Rooms with one king-sized bed or two double beds ($84-129 d) are simple but comfortable. There is also a log cabin on the property ($135-180) with a cozy loft and a wood-burning fireplace. The inn is open from May through November.

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It is also the last climb you will have to undertake Kazakhstan Map Tourist Attractions until you reach the outskirts of Winchelsea. You go to the left of John’s Seat Kazakhstan Map Tourist Attractions , then simply follow straight along the path as it levels and descends; it has to be said that the cliff edge does sometimes look uncomfortably close to your right. Ignore left forks but keep an eye out for the particularly imposing thatched mock Tudor house to your right.

When you reach the foot of the hill, you reach a drive on to which you turn left. Almost at once you will arrive at a T-junction with a road; turn right and proceed along this road through the village of Cliff End as far as the Smuggler Inn, your first refreshment opportunity since you left Hastings. You turn right into the car park of the pub and walk through it, pass the unremarkable St Nicholas Church, and ascend very briefly to join a promenade.

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