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GET BACK TO NATURE (BUT, CRUCIALLY, WITH A WELL- STOCKED MINI BAR) by choosing one of the brand-new treehouses at The Fish Hotel, set in 400 acres of glorious countryside on the exclusive Farncombe Estate. And forget roughing it: here you’ll find under-floor heating, wraparound decking and (wait for it) your own twin wooden outdoor baths. Note: the tubs are huge, so allow at least half an hour for them to fill from those gorgeous-looking copper taps. Spy the sun peeking through the branches and watch the leaves tickling the windows as you smugly sip Champagne… this is your honeymoon, after all.

Everything about this cluster of modern treehouses is expertly designed. Expect cocoons of sandy-coloured wood with pops of retro colour in the furnishings: geometric greens and chequered reds and whites rub up against neutral greys and creams – it’s like being in a honey-hued hive of natural luxe. The bathroom, with its rainwater shower and ultra-fluffy robes, is bigger and better than those at most B&Bs you’ll have stayed at, and there’s an old-fashioned dial phone connecting you to The Fish Hotel (a three-minute walk away) for room service.

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Yes, these squirrelled-away cabins are ideal for a mini-moon, but they’ll also suit you down to the manicured forest-ground for an upmarket hen-do, as they’re perfectly proportioned to accommodate four in the two bedrooms and open-plan living area. Come evening, meander down the floating steps for dinner at Hook (right), where, as you’d expect, there’s a big focus on fish and seafood. Dig into a bowl of Fowey mussels or oysters, followed by crab risotto and gooey crème brûlée.

Or, in the summer, book a spot on the Feasting Deck for a BBQ. Then it’s over to the screening room for a private movie for two (or hen-worthy chick flick) and pick’n’mix before you stagger back up the lantern-lit pathway to bed. Don’t worry if the hike is too much for you – the hammocks positioned on the way make a great under-the-stars-snuggle alternative. When you rise the next morning (no need for alarms, the birdsong will see to that), turn your thoughts to one thing only: breakfast. It’s wellies on and back to Hook for fat sausages and giant fried eggs, before you can finally say: yes, you did it – you survived a night in the great outdoors.

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