Boston Metro Map

The Appliance Outlet Boston

160 Cambridge St. Burlington; (617) 229-1112

Hingham Plaza, 100 Derby St, Hingham; (617) 749-0033

881 Worcester Rd. Natick; (508) 655-8811

When major appliances get bumped around on the delivery truck, scratched, dented, or whatever, they go back to the manufacturerwhich cannot legally sell them at full price anymore. So, they sell them off through places like this, at hundreds of dollars below the original price. In some cases, all that’s been dented is the box. A note on the front of each appliance will point out exactly where the boo-boos are; you decide if you can live with them. All defects are cosmeticthese appliances work fine and carry the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Thus, you may find a Tappan Pro Design gas range, normally $1,195, selling here for $920. A Maytag dishwasher, with retail price of $518, was recently seen for $399. And a combination microwave and convection oven, regularly $720, was $554. Merchandise ranges from high-end models to the less-expensive department store brands. Obviously, the stock is constantly changing. If you’re looking for something specific, stop in oftenor ask these nice folks to keep an eye out. All three are located next to Building 19 stores (ooh, a Cheapster’s day on the town!). Open seven days.

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