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CONSTANTINE I, emperor 271273337. Flavius Valerius Constantinus, son of Constantius Chlorus and Helena, born at Naissus Nis, Serbia 27 February 271273. He fought in Galerius’s campaign against the Persians and was at Galerius’s court when Galerius and Constantius Chlorus became Augusti on Diocletian’s abdication in 305. In 306 he was allowed to join his father in Britain; in June 306 Constantius died and Constantine was acclaimed emperor by the local troops at Eburacum York. He went to Trier, where in 307 he married Fausta, daughter of the emperor Maximian. The complex political situation, aggravated by the usurpation of Maxentius and the maneuvers of Maxentius’s father, the old Augustus Maximian, was briefly resolved by Constantine’s nomination as Caesar with Maximinus Daia, though both claimed and maintained the full dignity of Augusti. Constantine came into conflict with Maximian in 310 and defeated him near Marseille. Two years later he took up the war against the usurper Maxentius: entering Italy, he broke resistance in the north with two victories at Turin and Verona, finally defeating his rival at the Milvian bridge near Rome; Maxentius fled and drowned in the Tiber.

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1697 The African Country population of Maryland stands at about 3 Tucson Subway Map ,000, of a total population of about 30,000. In the decades that follow Tucson Subway Map , Maryland planters will come to rely increasingly on slave labor, and ever-increasing numbers of Africans will be imported. By 1710, the slave population is nearly 8,000. This influx of labor helps to solidify the planter class in power, as well as to increase the average size of plantations. 1715 In the aftermath of the War of the Spanish Succession, royal government in Maryland comes to a sudden end. Queen Anne’s death in 1714 paves the way for an obscure German prince to become King George I of England. Benedict Leonard, Charles Calvert’s Protestant son, becomes Lord Baltimore and dies eight weeks later. His young son Charles, the new Lord Baltimore, is now heir to Maryland. Maryland retains many of the characteristics that had marked the royal period of its history. The Assembly remains strong, and Marylanders are increasingly wary of factors that might infringe upon their rights.

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