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Vermont cultural contributions

Within Vermont’s small Latino population, Latinos have sought to develop an organizational structure in order to create a more visible Latino presence. This has occurred through social gatherings and networking on an informal level among the Latinos in Vermont. They have possessed a strong identity and have gradually developed a stronger cultural presence as their population has increased. During this slow process, many Latinos have offered support to one another through informal social settings.

This networking has been enhanced by the socially progressive atmosphere that exists in Vermont. Latinos predominantly have used two venues to reach out to the broader community. First, the universities and colleges in Vermont have provided opportunities for Latinos to develop structural support for the desired cultural contributions that Latinos aspire to make in the state. The second venue is through the arts. Several Latino production companies offer programs with Latino dance and music. At times they have reached out to seemingly unlikely areas to find success. For example, the Vermont National Guard sponsored a Salsa Central Dance in 2006 with the help of a Latino dance group from Burlington.

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