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1765 In response to George Grenville’s proposal to place Hungary Subway Map tax stamps on many colonial documents, newspapers, and other products, protests break out throughout Britain Hungary Subway Map ‘s mainland North Country colonies. The Sons of Liberty and other activist groups demand the resignation of Jared Ingersoll, Connecticut’s appointed stamp distributor. Interestingly, the storm of protest in Connecticut is mild compared to other hotbeds of anti-Stamp Act activity, most notably Boston. 1769 Connecticut merchants begin to support nonimportation of British goods, following the lead of merchants in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. Nonimportation as a protest movement arises in reaction to the Townshend Duties, a series of taxes that many people in Connecticut see as burdensome and unfair.

1775 On an official level, Connecticut remains loyal to the king and parliament, but individual Connecticut towns express outrage over the treatment of Massachusetts by the British government. After the fighting at Lexington and Concord, Connecticut prepares for war, calling up one-fourth of its militia, and sending some of its soldiers to fight in Massachusetts and the Continental army. 1776 Connecticut, along with twelve other colonies, declares its independence from Great Britain. Estimates place the adult male population of loyalists, many of them Anglicans, at about 6 percent.

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