The curry guide for Londoners

Curry has become a very popular food in Britain and many renowned chefs have become great supporters of Indian food industry in London. Food critics have reviewed a number of curry houses ranging from those having Michelin star chefs to the traditionally run ones. London has many great curry houses and a food lover searching for authentic curry can be delighted as well as baffled by the large number of options available as finding the right curry may indeed become quite challenging.

Indian food is gradually losing the reputation of being an experimental cuisine and is entering into the mainstream. Many restaurants serve Indian food and people relish the taste of authentic curries. Be it non-vegetarian or vegetarian dishes, you can find some of the best curries in many famous restaurants of London.

The first thing about enjoying a good curry is ordering right. Many first timers may get confused by the foreign names of dishes and spices. Those who frequent Indian restaurants every weekend may have become familiar with these. Turmeric, chilli, coriander seeds and cumin are the most commonly used spices that you are likely to find in every preparation. The curry is prepared by cooking chicken or lamb in a yogurt and tomato based sauce having a number of spices. This is what the masala in the menu refers to. Tikka refers to pieces of meat cooked on a grill. You can also try minced meat which soaks up the sauce well. While lamb is more tender and succulent, it contains more fat. Depending on your preference, you can go for chicken also. While curries are known to be hot and spicy, you can also opt for milder options if you want to go easy on your stomach. Yogurt can go well with your curry and rice and would reduce the spicy effect, and thus can be included in your side orders.

Brick Lane is probably the most famous road in UK for having good curry. You can enjoy authentic tastes of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India here. However, if you are looking for best curry in Brick Lane you need to beware of touts who may promise attractive discounts and free drinks.

Also, to best enjoy your curry you need a good ambiance. Traditionally decorated places will further enhance your eating experience. Do go in for places that have courteous staff that can help you choose from among the dishes they have to offer and have a good reputation.

You do not need to be worried about health when gorging on great curries. Though it has been said that Indian cooking is typically heavy and contributes to obesity, in reality it is not so. Indian cooking uses good quality lean meet. Experts and chefs from all over the world endorse Indian cooking as healthy food having low trans-fat. The spices have many medicinal benefits for the body and have a cleansing effect. You can opt for grilled dishes known as tandoori. These are cooked at a high temperature in a coal heated oven or grill. Since these are not fried, they are good options for weight conscious people.

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