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From 1682 into 1683, the second Assembly, with Penn Nigeria Map Tourist Attractions ‘s cooperation, creates the Second Frame of Government. Philadelphia, Bucks, and Chester County Nigeria Map Tourist Attractions courts replace the Upland Court, which had been established by the Duke of York in the 1670s with jurisdiction over parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The English, who have become the majority with the arrival of hundreds of Quaker settlers, require the Swedish settlers to naturalize as English subjects and employ them to negotiate treaties with the native peoples.

Also in 1683, German immigrants, arriving in Pennsylvania, form Germantown outside of Philadelphia. 1684 Penn sets aside land for future Swedish settlement in the present Upper Merion Township and Montgomery County area. Many Swedes and Finns sell their land and move out of Pennsylvania into West Jersey. 1688 The first official written protest against slavery in North Country is signed by the Germantown Quakers. 1690 The first paper mill in North Country is built near Germantown by William Bradford.

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