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1701 A special legislative assembly meets, ostensibly to deal with Colorado Springs Subway Map a royal command regarding the reinforcement of the New York frontier. The Delaware River delegates are frustrated Colorado Springs Subway Map by the decree, since they have no forts and do not want to be forced to finance forts in other colonies while their own shipping interests are in danger. They also object to pacifist Quaker policies that they feel keep them from providing adequate security.

Pennsylvania proper also has problems with the special legislative session, since some delegates question whether laws passed outside of Pennsylvania can be applied inside the colony. Lower Counties representatives counter that if laws passed at New Castle do not apply to Pennsylvania, then Pennsylvania’s laws hold no sway over Delaware and promptly walk out of the session. Penn finally concedes that within three years, if either Pennsylvania or Delaware desire to leave the union, he will grant each a separate assembly. Complicated legislative wrangling will continue for the foreseeable future.

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