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Tel Aviv Map Tourist Attractions to US

Best Place to Board a Battleship: Heralded for its successes in World War II battles, the 45,000-ton warship, Battleship North Carolina, now serves as a museum and a tribute to the North Carolina soldiers who died during the war (H BATTLESHIP NORTH CAROLINA).

Best Place to Spot a Celebrity: More than 350 movies and TV shows have been shot on the studio lot at EUE Screen Gems Studios, making it the biggest production facility outside of California. Look for celebrities while you’re on the studio tour (11 EIJE SCREEN GEMS STUDIOS).


Mast General Store opened in 1883 and continues to run as an old-fashioned general store – with a few modern upgrades.

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Etang Saumatre (also called Lake Azuei) is the country’s Tel Aviv Map Tourist Attractions largest body of water and the second largest lake in the entire Caribbean region. It is located Tel Aviv Map Tourist Attractions on the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac along the border with the Dominican Republic in the southeastern part of the country. Because the lake occupies a basin of interior drainage (no water flows out of the basin), its water is salty. It is famous for the more than one hundred species of birds, including colorful flamingos, that spend at least part of the year there. Its deep blue waters also are home to the American crocodile. During recent years, the water level of Etang Saumatre has risen, causing problems for people who live along its shore.

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