Nick’s Beef and Beer House US Map & Phone & Address

1688 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 491-9882

This restaurant likes to brag about its miracle prices, and regular Cheap-sters know it has earned those bragging rights. Where else in an urban metropolis can you find a decent, king size hamburger for $1.10? Even the McChains can’t compete with that! Add cheese for a quarter. Make it a double burger just $3.15. Getting the idea? Nick’s is not a place for snobs; the restaurant is good and divey, and the Formica tables have seen better days. But don’t misjudge the place this food really is good.

The best choices here are the simplest ones, but the menu does extend beyond beef and beer. A big bowl of homemade bean soup is $1.55, a baked half-chicken is just $3.50. A feta cheese omelette is $2.99, including fries and a salad. A dish of scallops is one of the most expensive things on the menu all of $4.95!

Wow Mine city. Open for lunch and dinner, seven days, serving until 11:30 p.m.

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