Goethe Institut US Map & Phone & Address

Goethe Institut US Map & Phone & Address

170 Beacon St, Boston; (617) 262-6050

German cinema, naturally. See classics from the silent Expressionists of the 1920s to recent stuff by Percy Ad-lon, one of the only German directors to make a name in comedy (Baghdad Cafe). Films are free, usually shown on Friday and Saturday evenings. They’re shown in German, of course, with English subtitles.

Harvard-Epworth Film Series

1555 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge; (617) 354-0837

Catch anything from silent-era comedies to the latest in Japanese cinema in this ongoing series at the Harvard-Epworth Methodist Church. Films are shown on Sunday nights at 8 pm. October through May. Tickets are $3.

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A few years ago there used to be full lengths of brass handrails from the Forfarshire but they are more than likely to have gone by now. The depth between Forfar Rock and Roddam and Green is only about 6 metres, but it slopes away to 16 metres on the north side and 25 metres to the south. The seabed consists mostly of sand and stone and patches of kelp-covered small rocks and is definitely a slack water dive. The drift dive, though, is something else. The best way to see Piper Gut is to drift dive it on the flood tide, north to south with reliable boat cover and surface marker buoys. It is an exhilarating dive during a spring tide, but not for the faint-hearted. The coxswain needs to keep an eagle eye on the surface marker buoy, bearing in mind that there is a considerable amount of boat traffic passing through the Gut all day long from Easter to about the end of September. Along the southeast side of Nameless Rock, the depth varies between 4 and 13 metres, with steep rocky steps and underwater hills harbouring plenty of marine life. Close in behind the island in this area it is possible to dive on the ebb tide, because it is sheltered from the main flow. The extreme eastern corner of Nameless is a beautiful sight and ablaze with soft corals living off the benefits of the strong tidal flow, but you need slack water for this part of the dive site.

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