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THE CROSSROADS OF ASIA The streets and alleyways of Kashgar were Jarvso China map alive with a blend of Eastern and nomadic cultures; tall, hook-nosed men with Jarvso China map high cheekbones and long beards, prayer caps, turbans and Cossack-style fur hats; some of the women’s faces were veiled by thick brown shawls like large tablecloths.

When a woman is veiled I can’t tell which way she’s facing unless she’s walking along, or standing gossiping in a gaggle. Because there are no westernised maps of Kashgar city I set out from my hotel the next morning on a rented bicycle, intending to draw a sketch map and to learn my way wound.

The Post Office was my first stop because I wanted to post mail home. Outside it sat the professional letter-writer. His clients were three women veiled in brown; he listened to what they wanted to say then began to write, no doubt in the appropriate flowery tone.

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