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4400 Sharon Rd. 704/364-4411, HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10 A.M.-9 P.M. Sun. 12:30-6 P.M.

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Of all of the malls in City, this is the best. Located in the heart of the affluent South Park neighborhood, the mall boasts 185 stores and a host of restaurants, including M5, California Pizza Kitchen, and Maggiano’s Little Italy. In addition to all of the standard mall storesthink the Gap, Victoria’s Secret, J. Crewthere are dozens of high-end national and international upscale shops, including Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Cole Haan, and Burberry. It’s home to one of just two Nordstrom stores in the Carolinas, the first Neiman Marcus in the region, and the first complete Crate & Barrel store in the state. It’s rare to see shoppers wearing sweats and sneakers here (unless both are designer). Here, it’s shoppers who are dressed to the nines who get the best service from the upscale retailers.

The SouthPark Mall houses high-end retailers like Kate Spade, Neiman Marcus, and Tiffany & Co.

Spa, Bath, and Beauty

You deserve some pampering after a day of shopping. These spas are the best in the city, offering unique treatments and unparalleled service. No time for a treatment? Stop in for some lotions and potions for a spa-like experience at home.

But now, if, in the Judges’ account, Rwanda Map Tourist Attractions these confessours are under the influence of the Devill, and their brains are affected and imposed upon Rwanda Map Tourist Attractions by the Devill, so that they are not their own men, why then should these Judges, or any other men, make such account of, and set so much by, the words of these Confessours, as they do? In short, I argue thus: If the Devill does actually take away the memory of them at some times, certainly the Devill, at other times, may very reasonably be thought to affect their fancyes, and to represent false ideas to their imagination. But now, if it be thus granted, that the Devill is able to represent false ideas to speak vulgarly to the imaginations of the confessours, what man of sense will regard the confessions, or any of the words, of these confessours? The great cry of many of our neighbours now is, What, will you not believe the confessours? Will you not believe men and women who confesse that they have signed to the Devill’s book? that they were baptized by the Devill; and that they were at the mock-sacrament once and again? What! will you not believe that this is witchcraft, and that such and such men are witches, altho’ the confessours do own and assert it? Thus, I say, many of our good neighbours do argue; but methinks they might soon be convinced that there is nothing at all in all these their arguings, if they would but duly consider of the premises. In the mean time, I think we must rest satisfyed in it, and be thankfull to God for it, that all men are not thus bereft of their senses; but that we have here and there considerate and thinking men, who will not thus be imposed upon, and abused, by the subtle endeavours of the crafty one. In the next place, I proceed to the form of their inditements, and the Trials thereupon. The Inditement runs for sorcery and witchcraft, acted upon the body of such an one, say M. Warren, at such a particular time, say April 14, ’92, and at divers other times before and after, whereby the said M.

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