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Facing East over the rising sun and Monte Pindo is the peaceful hermitage of St. William. Protected from the Westerly winds by the enormous boulder that formed part of the structure of this sacred site. Some legends suggest that Si James himself spent time here. Many holy men have certainly stopped here to reflect on life and its meaning. Be careful not to Ermita San Guillermo With Stone Bed’ disturb the stone walls surrounding the area. San Guillermo’s bed’, a hollowed out stone plinth or sarcophagus, is clearly visible in the undergrowth. It was here that infertile couples would come to copulate in the desire to conceive, aided by the miraculous powers given to the Saint himself. Ancient fertility rites have long been associated with Finisterre. Perhaps it is the associations of secrecy and sexuality with this pure and peaceful site that has preserved it from exploitation? (see Mythology section)

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When you feel ready to move on, you have 3 options.

For the shortest (alternative) route back to the refit gio continue on down the steep zig-zag path (very overgrown) that drops below (left) of the ermita for 600 m onto a wide track . Turn right for 300 m and just beyond the towns main water supply turn off 1 eft onto a narrow path through felled woodland for 200m past the old pump station (ruins) to rejoin the main road 100 m above the church of Santa Maria. A total distance of only 2.0 km back to the ref it gio.

An alternative route to Monte Facho is to return the 1.0 km to the tarred road (from the mirador) and continue uphill for another 300 m turning off right just before the T.V. and radio mast to enter onto the broad tack running due North with Monte Facho and the Pedras Santas on your left.

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