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And every mile there was another armed sentry. The villagers Handan Travel who live around this railway track are Yi people. Easy to distinguish from the Han Chinese Handan Travel , the Yi women wear robes and turbans as headdresses. The headdress is a sort of bonnet held in place by a fat plait of hair coiled around the head. Some girls had short plaits decorated with silver medallions and big silver bauble earrings. Many Yi women had long-fringed black shawls, others wore blue tunics tied with a sash.

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The sonic experience of the car can, therefore, be understood as enhancing visuality and motion (see also Edensor 2003: 161-62). Gasoline Music draws attention to bodily encounters, not by obfuscating the visual but amplifying (literally) the sonic, the vibratory sensations of driving and of experiencing place. It activates perceptions of the exterior landscape -particularly motion and speed – through the enhanced sonic experience inside the car. This makes passengers alert to the affective experience, to the here and now of urban space, through an embodied form of knowledge. The performance also expands the meaning of driving and its attendant spatiality beyond mobility. The sounds of acceleration, deceleration and turn signals immerse participants into the space of the car itself. A complex interplay of motion and vibration emerges through the physical movement of the car and the sound of the engine mixing with the composed or performed versions. This connects passengers both to the external and internal spaces of the car.

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