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ALTERNATIVE ROUTE (via Corcubion – distance 2.3 km). For the alten a-tire way marked routes you can (1) continue directly along the main coast rad into the historic town of Corcubion or (2) follow the new way marks into Corcubion via a narrow secondary road that runs parallel to and above ;he main coastal road. For this latter route turn up Right along the steep road tl at climbs up at the back of the Hotel Homo. As the road levels offtake the 1 hand fork (marked with a blue one way arrow). The road now begins to d )p down again to pass the Capilla del Pilar (right) and Fountain (Left) into the Praza de Castelao (700m). Make your way to the far end of the main square’ veering left up past the Taxi rank into the Praza San Marcos (200m) with the historic 13th c. romanesque church Iglesia de San Marcos facing you. T is area had extensive sea trading with Italy and in particular with Venice, hei ce the celebration of San Marcos. Handsome stone cross with Christ crucified m the right.

DETOUR at this point (not way marked) is to continue straight on and drop down to the coast road (model of a sailing ship and reconstructed Horreo). A coastal path (seaward side of the main road) brings you to the e-cluded sandy beach of Playa de Quenxe (an excellent place to swim.) (Hotel Las Hortensias Tel: 981 – 746 125 has special pilgrim price of 18 for en suite facilities also good restaurant and bar over looking the beach). This alternative’ alternative route now rejoins the recently widened main road behiid the hotel for an uphill climb to rejoin the other routes at San Roque.]

To follow the way marked route, at the Iglesia San Marcos make your way up till steps (sharp right) into Calle San Marcos where several of the houses have u 11 preserved armorial shields. Continue to another tree lined square Campo lo Kollo (100m) (Fountain) and turn immediately left and then right at fork in rc id (central pine tree). Keep straight on at next fork (not the rua dos Caballos) the road now zig zags steeply uphill to rejoin the recommended route by Fountain in the village ofVilar (900m). (Total distance 2.3 km).

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For the RECOMMENDED ROUTE turn up sharp Right at the sign lor Corcubion by the side of the Hotel El Horreo (Tel: 981 – 745 500 / 33 all facilities) veering Right at the 3.5 T sign and continue up to the recently restored Capela de San Antonio [400m] from where there are panoramic views out over the bay. Continue along the concrete path (by side of house with blue mosaic exterior) for [700m] and take the second of two adjoining paths H solid metal gate) up by the side of a stone wall into the woodland path abo’ e. Keep straight after [300m] and Left after [400m] to join asphalt road [100m] into the hamlet of Vilar. Turn Right at crossroads and follow waymarks up through the village to cross over main road after a final [500m] at:

2.4 km SAN ROQUE (Alto). It is now all the way downhill to the long beach at Finisterre. The Camino plays hide and seek with the main road cutting off some of the major bends that snake their way around the steep coastal inlets. Road improvements are ongoing so way marks may be obliterated. Cross o er main road at the derelict Supermacado del Sol building and down into a woodland path for for [600m] to rejoin main road at the village of Amarela. Just beyond Amarela you have the first uninterrupted views over the Finisterre peninsular with Monte Facho and the white radio mast buildings clearly visible on the horizon and the lighthouse on the left. It is now a further [2.2 km] downhill into:

2.8 km PLAYA DE ESTORDE (I have tried, to no avail, to find an alternative route along the coast away from the road. Steep cliffs and wire fencing make it difficult, so I advise you stay on the main road and go around the sandy bay). The expensive Hotel Playa de Estorde tel: 981 – 745 585 / 22 left and Camping right and [1.0 km] into:

1.0 km SARDINERO Stay on the seaward side (ignore old way marks that point across the main road) and drop down to the beach path behind the houses fronting the main road. Restored horreo and play area. Make your way back to and over the main road in Sardinero by the Supermarcado (it’s own yellow arrow points the way) and continue up by the supermarket along narrow concrete road (Rua de Fisterra) through Sardinero de Abaixo for [500m] and onto a woodland path that winds up through Pine and Eucalyptus plantation for a delightful [1.2 km] stretch away from the main road to rejoin it at:

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