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Modern Classicism, Pere-Lachaise

Emerging at the end of the nineteenth century from this architectural morass was Art Nouveau. The style had a relatively short run on the scale of world architectural history. The best examples of Art Nouveau, which is described as naturalistic and organic, can be found in European cities such as city and Prague and in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where it is sometimes known as the Liberty style. But it is quite easy to find examples of it in historic cemeteries, since its popularity was in the heyday of the golden age of the mausoleum.

Art Nouveau, Montmartre

The Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in city in 1925 as a showcase for new inspiration and real originality, introduced a new architectural and decorative style called Art Deco. This style would soon permeate designs in fabrics, automobiles, appliances, office buildings and even mausoleums. Architects used a combination of Art Deco and International Style for many mausoleums built in the 1930s. Look for mausoleums that have a streamlined look, not the severe lines we associate with modern architecture, but the softer lines we think of when we think of an appliance, such as a toaster in a 1930s kitchen. Photo courtesy of Marie Beleyme.

Warren corresponded with many of the leading lights of the Revolutionary era, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Morocco Map Her most extensive and meaningful correspondents, however, included Elbridge Gerry, John and Abigail Adams, and Macaulay. Letters to Macaulay focused on politics and their shared opposition to Tory traditions. Her relationship with John Adams tended toward the tempestuous, and they did not communicate at all for several years after Adams savaged Warren’s history of the Revolution. The Gerry-Warren correspondence displayed the republican values they shared during the Revolution, their concern with what they saw as the counterrevolution of the Federalist era, and their pleasure at what they saw as the restoration of republican values under the Jeffersonians. Warren’s writings to Abigail Adams ranged widely from discussions of childhood education to the work of Moli¨re.

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