Mai Kao and Nai Yang Phuket

These two 30 kilometer long beaches are located in the North-West of Phuket. The surrounding mangrove forest and the largest coral reef of the island make this an exotic place with an interesting fauna. Four species of sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand of Mai Kao. In December and January it results in thousands of baby turtles trying to reach the Andaman sea. Those beaches are in general less nice than the others

Please have a look at the attached Video. We think this gives you much better first impression of what you will expect there than by some pictures only.

Mai Kao and Nai Yang Phuket Photo Gallery

I hung around for a while watching his young novices enjoying the marine life and the scenery of the overhanging reefs before going off to search for something for tea. This was my first dive of the year and the icy water temperature quickly numbed my face. It took me a while to settle down and relax, especially as two seal pups decided to pester the life out of me for the first half of the dive. I soon found a nice three-pound lobster, in an area where I didn’t normally dive and well away from the main reef. I tried to persuade it to come out of the deep awkward crevice in which it was hiding, but no amount of coaxing would bring it closer, so I decided on another tactic. I gave the hole a good rattle with my pole, moved back out of sight and waited for a minute or so, which usually arouses their curiosity. I happened to glance to one side and could not believe my eyes. There, only two metres away, in a small sandy clearing amongst the kelp, in all its majesty, was a huge bronze bell. My heart missed a beat and I tried to control my breathing as clouds of bubbles surrounded me in the excitement. I checked my contents gauge but had plenty of air left.

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