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The Council of Chalcedon caused a change in the direction of Coptic literature. Its first consequence was the development of a historical-polemical literature aimed at opposing the similar literature produced in the Chalcedonian camp and at propounding a contrary interpretation of church tradition. Perhaps its most important product was the History of the Church maybe by Timothy Ailouros d. 477, but at any rate written in Greek? in his time: the first part is a revised translation of Eusebius’s HE I-VII; the second narrates in an original way the events between the period of Peter of Alexandria and that of Timothy Ailouros. Conciliar collections also came into existence perhaps partly preexistent in Coptic: Nicaea, Ephesus, Chalcedon; and lives of important people were written, such as Dioscorus and Timothy Ailouros eventually in the form of plerophoriae or the like or anti-Chalcedonian archimandrites. In this period it is hard to distinguish translations from original works; in any case the circles from which they issued were uniformly bilingual. After a period of grave crisis, the Coptic Church managed under Damian 578–605 to provide itself with an autonomous, efficient organization, and original Coptic authors flourished in this period, producing homiletic texts to be read during functions, adapted both to new theological and liturgical requirements and to new public tastes. Hagiographical literature also went through a process of renewal, and the beginnings of the cycle of the legendary general Basilides and his family, one of the most interesting phenomena of Coptic literature, probably date from this time.

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The Pilgrims land at Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 21 Baton Rouge Subway Map . 1624 The Virginia Company’s charter is revoked, and Virginia becomes a royal colony. Baton Rouge Subway Map 1626 Peter Minuit of the Netherlands purchases Manhattan Island from the Canarsee Indians. 1627 Cardinal Richelieu of France organizes the Company of One Hundred Associates (Compagnie des Cent-Associés) in order to settle New France. The new company is given jurisdiction over all French lands between Florida and the Arctic, and the company is granted a monopoly over all trade except for fishing. 1629 King Charles I of England dismisses Parliament and rules as an absolute monarch. As a result, many English subjects leave for the Country colonies. 1630 John Winthrop leads more than 900 Puritan colonists to establish Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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