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For Christians it was clear that to understand the logos of things is a divine gift: the divine mystery can only be known by a revelation. If human beings are logikos by nature, then it is because they partake of the divine Logos. CONTINENTES. Even before the gospel teaching and that of the Pauline epistles on continence, one must bear in mind the influence of Greek philosophy on the people of the early period after Christ. Christians, however, having received baptism, felt themselves better able to resist every temptation of the body and senses. But the church strongly opposed the exclusivist teachings of groups who considered themselves the only true enkrateis, or the sole depositaries of the one rule of life, imposing an oppressive continence; in fact theologians of the first centuries describe perpetual continence as a gift of God which cannot be prescribed for all, and not infrequently these groups that loved continence excessively slid into heresy. One must therefore make distinctions: in Irenaeus Adv. haer. 1,28,1, the continentes evgkrateij, heretics who accept the theories of Saturnilus and Marcion, are hostile to marriage out of hatred for God, who created man and woman for procreation; ungrateful to the Creator, they also abstain from animal flesh. With Tatian they deny Adam’s salvation. Continentes are also those who, though remaining in the church, struggle against sensuality. Chastity is a tranquil possession, whereas continence is hard work. It is one thing to be chaste, another to be continent. Virtue non est in colluctatione continentiae, sed in castitatis pace Cass. Conl.

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1712 A slave revolt grips New York City. Nine whites Greensboro Map lose their lives, and twenty-one slaves are executed. 1715 On Good Friday, the Greensboro Map Yamasee and Creek attack plantations and farms outside of Charles Town, South Carolina, killing about 400 colonists. They were driven to anger by continuing white encroachment, crooked traders, and extensive slave raids. Most of the English people in the colony retreat to the vicinity of Charles Town. Eventually, the Yamasee run low on firearms, and the fighting slows. Carolina also recruits Cherokees, along with some Catawbas and Tuscaroras, to fight Yamasees and Creeks. By 1717, the English have made a peace treaty allowing the Yamasee to keep the lands west of the Savannah River (today the border between South Carolina and Georgia) and keeping white settlement to the east. 17201735 The French wage a series of genocidal wars against the Fox Indians of Wisconsin and Illinois. Their goal is to annihilate the Fox people entirely.


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