Sapporo Ramen US Map & Phone & Address

1815 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 876-4805


An upscale noodle shop hidden inside the Porter Exchange building upstairs from the chic but high-priced Cottonwood Cafe Sapporo Ramen dishes up enormous bowls of delicious Japanese noodles. Servings come in containers as big as mixing bowls; unless you’re ravenous, it’s a safe bet to share an order with a friend, or bring your leftovers home for tomorrow’s lunch. Sapporo Ramen offers three types of noodle sauces soy sauce flavor, soy bean, or clear and it is these which determine the price. Most noodle dishes come in all three varieties.

Mine sampled his noodles with fresh vegetables and tofu ($7.25). The veggies and tofu came in huge chunks; the noodles were thin and the soy sauce flavorful. Other noodle dishes, $6-$8, feature pork slices, seaweed, vegetables, and fish cakes. Add a side dish, like fried dumplings (six for $4.25), and you’ll be full and happy. You can watch the cooks prepare your dish; then settle down for a while

Mine dares you to finish a bowl of noodles all by your lonesome!

This same area, on the second floor, boasts half a dozen other Asian fast-food shops, each specializing in different styles, including sushi. Mr.

C recommends Cafe Mami (telephone 547-9130), Kotobukiya (354-6914), and Ittyo (354-5944). Most of these serve until about 8-9 P.M.; Sundays til 6 or so.

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