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The City Douglas International Airport (704/359-4910, www. charlotteairport. com) is approximately eight miles from the center of the city and offers frequent service on more than 17 major airlines. It is a major hub city for US Airways (800/428-4322, and airlines like Jet Blue and AirTran offer daily non-stop service from City to numerous cities including New York, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Orlando, and Baltimore. The airport is the eighth busiest in the nation, offering 650 flights per day with non-stop service to over 125 destinations worldwide. The airport has struggled to keep up with local population growth, which means it’s often crowded and wait times can be long. Over the next five years the airport authority plans to add an expanded terminal, underground pedestrian tunnel, and a new runway. There are 84 shops and restaurants offering food and merchandise to arriving and departing passengers. One of the most notable features of the airport is the number of rocking chairs lining the terminal. Sit back and rock while you wait for your flight.

History for Phoenix/Mesa Map
You are now in what is known as Five Hundred Acre Phoenix/Mesa Map Wood, the 100 Aker (sic) Wood from the Winnie-the-Pooh books. Phoenix/Mesa Map This was originally planted with beech and oak in the eighteenth century in an enclosure created in a decree made in 1693 and owned by Earl de la Warr. It was particularly badly affected in the Great Storm in 1987. After about half a mile, watch for a wide track coming in from the right; ignore the next left turn after this, but you do take the following left turn, marked by a Wealdway signpost. Tremendous walking now follows on a good clear path, descending slightly, with magnificent views to your left. A signpost marks a left fork you should take, and shortly thereafter you turn left at a T-junction of paths, following the path and ignoring a left fork you soon reach.

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