Vibrations and Noise Fishing

Despite what you might have heard, you can talk as loud as you want when fishing. You could hold a hog-calling contest on the banks of a pond and not bother the fish in the least. Underwater vibrations are another story. Dropping a tackle box on the bottom of an aluminum boat will instantly alert any fish because water is an excellent transmitter of vibrations. Likewise, when walking along a stream step gingerly; fish can feel the vibrations from heavy footfalls.

Vibrations and Noise Fishing Photo Gallery

The number of inmates who died by drowning or in accidents was high; the place must have been a small piece of hell to those boys who were sent there. I walked up the stone steps to Queen Anne Terrace with my kit and rang the bell. It was answered by a short, stocky lad of my age, wearing blues uniform. He had ginger hair and was heavily freckled. He looked at me expectantly. So was Starling, leaning over one of the lower bunks, unpacking his kit. He nodded at me and I nodded back: we hadn’t particularly liked each other on the Valvata and I would have preferred to share with someone else. I expect he felt the same. There was also a lanky, gormless looking lad with goggle eyes. His name was Bell: he grinned inanely at me.

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