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Its alleys are dusty and narrow, hemmed in between mud Best vacations in China -walled courtyards. Brick-making is a chore done along the roadsides, mixing mud Best vacations in China with straw and setting it as bricks in wooden frames. Some roads are bordered by water dykes and slender poplar trees. Many courtyard gateways were closed by double wooden gates studded with nails, other gates were open and gave me glimpses into courtyards with mud houses and mud balustrades. The swept clay yards were partly shaded by grape vines. No grapes yet; the vines were in blossom with tiny green flowers that gave off an airy fragrance.

Just inside some open gates one household was making big wooden Best China travel destinations in december chests and decorating their tops and fronts with thin metal strips in crossed and fan patterns. Best China travel destinations in december Both husband and wife were nailing the strips on, first using an awl to punch a hole then fitting a small nail and hammering it home. The hammers were locally made and roughly shaped. Their youngest son brought me a bowl of tea, which I gratefully accepted. Their elder son was assembling the wooden frame of a new chest, without nails; he used wooden pegs dipped in local glue to cement the joints. With jingling bells-, a^donkey trotted past outside, ridden by a serenely smiling wizened old Uighur, bouncing along on its rump.

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