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Whatever it is that interests you about travel, it’s exotic cultures spectacular scenery you experience storied landscapes to their fullest admiring waterfalls woodlands, and lush vineyards along the way. You’ll view wildlife up close and

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You’ll also meet the people who call this region home enjoying an in-depth look at local cultures with a rich itinerary and So much included, it’s easy to see what makes this both a great trip, and a great value you can improve your value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions enjoy a classic gain viewing experience on our big five Bush Safari, and behold another wonder of nature on an extension to Zimbabwe’s victoria falls from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery. You’ll begin your discoveries in Johannesburg where.

You’ll be greeted by your South African program director, and relive the anti-apartheid movement in Soweto you continue on to Kruger National Park home of the prized Big Five Safari animals then cross the border into the Kingdom of Swaziland followed by a visit to the home of the Zulu nation enjoy a game viewing drive in the Loulou way on follows a game reserve the oldest Park in all of Africa before traveling the scenic garden route to the famed lagoon at knizner finally your journey concludes in beautiful Cape Town on this journey. You’ll explore some of. I lights of southern Africa admire some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes the garden route nazhde lagoon, and featherbed Nature Reserve K Peninsula, and a cable car ride up Table Mountain, and marvel at magnificent wildlife from elephant, and Buffalo at Kruger National Park to white rhinos at the Lulu way own Filosa Game Reserve to African penguins at boulders beach.

You’ll also discover unique pockets of history such as the town of swell, and damn whose the roster T Museum is a former outpost of the Dutch East India Company on a journey that reveals the full diversity of South Africa your trip will feature unique educational, and social activities that add to your discoveries for example in Kruger National Park you will learn about local wildlife during a full day game viewing drive. You’ll also spend an afternoon with the Zulu people since all our Ram directors live in the region they serve they offer a wealth of authentic insight on local life one in southern Africa. You’ll sample traditional meals at local restaurants your program director will give you recommendations on personal favorites during game viewing drives.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of a packed lunch but you’re also sample authentic local fare to give you a true sampling of regional dishes your accommodations have been carefully selected to put you at the heart of each stop on your itinerary enjoy views of the region’s scenic diversity, and splendor, and accommodations that also feature relaxing amenities you can experience even more with optional tours view even more of Africa’s celebrated Safari animals on an optional tour to addo elephant National Park home to elephant cape buffalo black rhino antelope lion, and spotted hyena, and learn. How the townships of Cape Town have been transformed in the post apartheid era into energetic urban communities, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip a stay, and enter penny gain reserve is the perfect introduction to your south african discoveries in this private reserve within the unesco protected Waterberg biosphere.

You’ll search for the legendary big five cape buffalo elephant lion rhino, and leopard, and sleep under the thatched roof of your comfortable tented Chalet, and extend your discoveries of Africa’s natural wonders with an optional extension to Zimbabwe’s thundering Victoria Falls. You’ll have ample time to view this majestic cascade, and also experience local culture at a traditional warmer dinner, and cultural show Plus choose from a variety of optional tours including an excursion to Chobe National Park in neighboring Botswana over the decades since apartheid was abolished South Africa’s undergone a transformation today you will find it a country with world-class attractions, and a welcoming multicultural people come discover its timeless scenic beauty, and age-old traditions explore its modern sophisticated cities, and experience a culture that is overcome past injustice to create a vision of hope for the future call today to embark on a journey through the highlights of South Africa with Grand Circle.

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