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Everything has been excellent. We’ve got a perfect tour guide trip leader Patricio Fernandez spent four years apprentices under the Ecuadorian shamans of the Amazon he shares his robust insider’s experience of he firoan people, and you can add a great deal about yeah you can be off on almost anything, and he just comes up with the my new little details all the names tree grows nine feet a year Wow. So, it’s very fast growing the best leader, and he’s always there no matter what he’s always there taking care of everything Oh groups are great people they choose Oh.

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Because they want adventure they want to learn about the country that they’re visiting. So basically they’re open to everything Ecuador’s napo river is a tributary of the Amazon along its banks the edge of tropical rainforests can be found as well as several riverfront farms raising all sorts of food including shrimp cattle, and yuca oh of one of the indigenous peoples, and we’re going to help prepare food, and see. How they live yeah maybe the plan is that shot then, it’s a very important part of the culture of the native people. This is what to all people that are visiting a native family would do, and in in respect for the family, and for the culture.

So you can mr. Harbison from this stage in this traditional Ecuadorian crop is called yuca palm for hundreds of years the inhabitants of South America have harvested them for their tubular roots which can be included in a variety of dishes ranging from baked pancakes to soup hi. I’m Patricia Fernandez Salvador and I’m a trip leader for overseas adventure travel.

This is on the program ultimate Galapagos exploration, and Ecuador’s Amazon wilds. I had a really interesting life when I was six years old my family was forced to leave Ecuador, and we went to United States fantastic experience.

I was there till about years old, and then we returned to Ecuador. I’m a mestizo part native, and part Spanish. I lived for years with shamans in the Amazon.

I became an apprentice to the shaman and I have adopted the Amazon ethnic religion as my religion historically in Ecuador has always been issues which is typical of all Latin America Spanish conquest millions of native people practically being treated as slaves by a few thousand Spanish families now we have a new government since seven years ago supporting the majority of Ecuadorians that’s why the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa has the support of at least percent of the Ecuadorians in my opinion that is a very good sign of true democracy, it’s impossible to describe a typical area of Ecuador Ecuador has the Galapagos Islands we have a cloud forest we have the Andes, and of course the Amazon tropical rainforest. So each area of Ecuador is unique, and incredibly diverse the people of Ecuador are a product of the nation. So we are incredibly diverse and I invite you to come to my little country Ecuador.

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