Hey everyone we are now packing up our camp, and we are leaving to a new place, I’m going to do it we have to drive about 390 miles down does it remember we start in Anchorage, and then we went up now we’re in that exact same.


But further down, and luckily we’re leaving. Because it’s weather bad weather here for the next few days, and it’s gonna be sunny, and Seward hopefully that’s what my friend says desert. Because apparently in Alaska you don’t trust the weatherman. Because it can just change mm-hmm yeah we’re just gonna quickly go finish packing up, and then to get snacks we had to stop. Because it’s suddenly getting a bit clear right where Mount McKinley in which I showed you before it’s like the highest tallest mountain in North America, and it’s looking really cool today. So just after this place called Talkeetna is like this little town it’s a little bit busy at the moment. Because one of the trains have come through from maybe the cruise ships or just I don’t know there’s a training yeah.

So this is cute little Tower just gonna walk around maybe get some fun bakery. So sound good yeah coffee I wanna show you them this limo that’s one of their limousines is actually a really cute town just one road a bunch of just quaint looking buildings we’ve seen it all there’s one little road. So you want to get a coffee yeah welcome to beautiful downtown Talkeetna I don’t know where uptown is it’s hot yeah my eyes aren’t used to the Sun thank you for the coffee we’re on smallest journey I think we definitely have enough. So we have traveled if you remember from North who just got past Anchorage about maybe 10 50 million yeah. Because I saw is like angry. So now we’re going down a scenic highway that takes you to sue it yeah a lot of it is along the coastline, and also there’s a train track that I think a lot of people take the tree down this week such a nice scenic route. But it’s so pretty I love driving along the water with the mountains in there yeah okay.

So pretty. But I will be driving a lunch a lot David’s one. So fast yeah oh yeah it’s almost like you’re clapping yeah should be good yeah all right we’re just a place called Balu the point we’re looking at for some beluga whales. But I do think we’re gonna have any luck I great day three we’re going to some glaciers though this is such weird weather it is hot there’s a breeze that’s warm. But there’s a glacier in front of us, and it’s raining. But, I’ll have to admit this is a very beautiful part of the last it’s like more rain forest yeah then light tundra mm-hmm. But still glaciers which is so pretty drops is it gone behind you over there living wall. So many might be same on this side yeah I think we’re walking to the one that are over here. So cool me it goes, and it goes. So weird the ice is right there like it’s still hot me it sucks we can’t really get to the glacier. Because because of this water. But there’s one there, and then there’s one’s right up there just arrived, and suet we’re gonna be Ken for the next three nights. So we’re just all setting up our tents these guys are failing terribly, and our view is water with all these mountains very pretty huh oh it wasn’t good Oh YUM banana, and chocolate we’re cooking some banana, and chocolate in the fire what you doing making chocolate the Nutter in the fires.

So what do you do I turn up the banana, and then put some chocolate in them yes, and then you put it in the fire, and then caramelize it’s done you ready yeah banana yes all right guys after like we were having s’mores, and then the Northern Lights came back again right now. But you can’t puke it doesn’t pick up on camera. But um I can’t believe it twice it’s amazing. But, I’m with you to bed now cuz it’s like 2:00 in the morning, and we’re going on a big cruise ship boat thingy tomorrow yeah okay all. So good.

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