Dalian Subway Map

The excavated skeletons had been buried all facing in one direction Dalian Subway Map , and many had burial objects, which tends to imply a belief in afterlife. One Dalian Subway Mapyoung girl of only three or four had been buried with eighty Dalian Subway Map funerary objects, bone beads, stone balls and jars.

The excavated mud and straw huts Dalian Subway Map are of a later date, but quite sophisticated, with tunnel entrances for protection against the weather, and raised earthen bed platforms lie one still sees today. Public food-storage pits denote a communal approach, while private cellars show private ownership, dividing the rich from the poor and producing a class system.

The moat around the village was twenty-five feet deep and archaeologists had calculated that its excavation would have amounted to 3,670 truckloads of earth. That made me smile because I’d yet to see earth being carried in trucks; usually it was in hand carts or donkey carts.

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